1. Is the fibre really moisture wicking

Yes, the Moisture wicking fibre helps draw water from the body into the towel.

2. Why is this hair towel better than a tear drop shape 

This hair towel is unique in its enormous size, allowing the thickest or longest hair to be wrapped in the water wicking fibre, then twisted to stay secure on your head. Even though it is large is size it is light and easy to wear.  It is held tight with a large elastic loop, so no more Ugly buttons to fumble with or have fall off.

3.  Why is the Drying Robe better than a normal towel?

Our fibre holds 7 times its weight in water (watch the video) making it ideal for drying the entire body.  This is perfect for parents or people with limited mobility because you can just slip it on and it secures easily with a  belt.  No bending or struggling to reach your back or legs.

4.  How do I wash my Drying Robe and Hair Towel?

They are colour fast but we recommend a cold first wash separately to keep them vibrant, then normal hand or machine wash up to 60 degrees.  Do not use bleach or use fabric softeners as this will make them not absorbent.  Use normal washing liquid or powder without built in fabric softener is recommended.  Line dry in the shade or tumble dry on low temperature setting.  Using these care instructions will keep your Drying Robe and Hair Towels in beautiful condition.