Scream Free Brushes

1. What's so good about this brush?

First and foremost it works and follows through on its promise!

Our brush is designed to detangle the thickest or thinnest of hair pain free with its combination of Natural Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins. 

Read more under each description to find out all the features and benefits.

2. What's the difference between Hairoine Maxi and Hairoine Flexi?

The Hairoine Maxi is a bigger and stronger brush to glide through and detangle thick hair, it contours the scalp so it gets through all layers of hair.

The Hairoine Flex is designed for small children, adults with fine hair or with sensory issues. Its unique design allows it to massage the scalp and flex, glide through tangles, best of all pain free. 

3. Can you really win the war on hair in the morning?

Our promise to you is that YES you can.  Follow our instructions and you will have no more tears, arguments in the morning.  It won’t make you a coffee and it won’t make you a better singer but it will give you that bit of extra time in the morning to have a coffee and you may be in a better mood to sing a little louder.

4. Will this really work on my child with sensory issues?

We have trialed this on thousands of children and on lots of children with sensory issues.  Have a read of our reviews and you will see that the answer is YES.

5. Do regular brushes really hurt?

Yes, during our trials we found that a lot of children have had traumatic experiences from plastic brushes that have pulled, torn and hurt their head.  Many children were so scared to try the brush, once they realized it doesn’t hurt they were so relieved that they even started brushing their own hair.

6. Can I use the Hairoine Hair Brush on wet hair? Will it cause any damage to my hair?

Yes you can use the Hairoine Brush on wet hair and with its combination bristles, as it contours and flexes it will not cause damage or breakage.

7. Can I use the Hairoine Hair Brush on curly hair?

If you want to keep your curls we suggest you use the Hairoine Maxi Hair Brush on wet hair otherwise it will relax your curls.

8. Does the Hairoine Hair Brush Stop Fizz?

With the natural Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins it will naturally condition, smooth, soften, detangle and shine your hair. Our Hairoine Hair Brushes massage the scalp, increasing the blood flow and it also cleans the hair follicles. One thing that is important in hair growth is blood flow to the hair follicles .

9. Can I use the Hairoine Hair Brush with a Hairdryer?

The hardware is made from ABS frame and is resistant up to 110 degrees.  The bristles are heat resistant up to 200-220 degrees.

10. What is the Hairoine Brush Made from?

The frame is made from ABS, which is a type of plastic material.  The bristles are made from Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins.

11. How do I pronounce the name 'Hairoine'?

The same as you would pronounce the female Heroine
As in a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
"she was a true feminist heroine"
Although it is a brush you will get addicted to.

12. Will using this brush get rid of Dandruff?

Using a good brush is often underestimated.  Boar bristles clean your hair from scalp to tip and this helps remove dandruff.  Our brush also massages the scalp, which in turn regulates the scalps oil.